UNCF STEM Scholars 2015-2016 Cohort

I believe this is the first year that they are doing this. I know by this time they have named finalists (as of 4/15/2016 for future reference) after naming semi-finalists and they are slated to release by the 28th of this month. Super excited! Mainly because I did not learn until today that we are also given $5,000 for summer internships.

Semi finalists?

My bad I didn’t mean to say semi-finalists were notified to upload more info and if they did so, their portals reflected this change; if they did not, they were updated to a “non-select”.

It’s only 4 more days though. I am surprised that no one posted it (probably because it was in its first year) yet.

Would they notify by email, mail or both like GMS?

@Vincentoparis This is the first year, so who knows. It might be by phone call

Anyone heard anything yet? Gotten a letter?

Their previous email said
“UNCF will review the requested documents, and in late April you will be mailed a letter notifying you of your UNCF application status.”

I haven’t received notification should I call??

I haven’t either. Let me know what they say if you give them a call.

I’m so anxious

They just sent me an email.
“Happy Friday! Please be advised all finalists will receive notifications of their final status by May 9, 2016 via postal mail. As of now notifications have not been distributed.”

The wait continues.

It’s May 9th, and still haven’t received any email. Uhuh. Wyd UNCF?

Did anyone get the mail?

My counselor turned in the docs a day late and so they told me they wouldn’t consider me. RIP

For current and future viewers: a lot of times, scholarships and program have an expected date to bring out things and for whatever reason it comes out sooner or later than that anticipated date. I’ve seen this happen numerous times, so all we can do is be patient.

I have been told that we should receive our program status in the mail by May 18th.

I received a letter last Sunday saying I had been chosen as an alternate for this scholarship. On Friday, I received an email saying I had been selected for the scholarship and had to return paperwork by Monday.

Yep, rejection emails came out as well. Wasn’t expecting anything given the situation I mentioned previously.