uncommon talents- interests?

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Don't know how much of this is actually for college tuition- but there is money out there


Awards for 2003-2004 have been made to</p>

<pre><code>* dancers/teachers to study: Afro-Brazilian dance, classical Indian dance in Orissa, Bharata Natyam with Chandraleka, at the Susan Klein school;
* young dancers to travel to the US to study at the Cunningham Studio, and with Trisha Brown; a talented young Flamenco dancer to attend Flamenco classes in Madrid; a dancer to spend 9 months on the professional programme at the Limon Institute;
* a community dance worker to present at the Dance and the Child International Conference; a dance artist to present choreographic research at the national PARIP conference;
* a drama movement therapist to attend a one month teacher training course in Sivananda Yoga; a teacher to attend Irish dance workshops and to take a teacher's qualification; a teacher to study the teaching of boys' ballet at the Cuban School;
* two dancers to attend the New York Tap Festival;
* a composer/accompanist to study Peruvian music; a dancer to extend his photographic skills;
* a junior Morris Dance leader to study the Europeade Festival prior to taking a youth team in 2004; dancers to travel to Jamaica to extend contracts for performance and educational exchanges, and to study outreach projects with the Dance Theater of Harlem; a performer/choreographer to lead a four part residency;
* two dancers/teachers to study community and integrated projects in Addis Ababa.