Uncultured and unthoughful person on the same floor; people stealing food

<p>There is this guy that lives on my floor who is the most inconsiderate person I have ever met.</p>

<p>This one night, the guy and I were cooking separately. I was cooking instant ramen on the pan and I added too much water, so I overpoured the ramen into my bowl spilled some on the table</p>

<p>So the guy told me to use the gloves on the side and I thought he was being nice and while using it, I asked "are these yours?" </p>

<p>He replied "No, but who cares"</p>

<p>Immediately afterwards he opened a drawer and took a cleaned fork and continue to cook and looked at me cockily and said "it isn't mine, who cares"</p>

<p>I didn't say anything (I know I am a coward, but I honestly didn't know what sensible thing to say) and I quickly finished my ramen and left because I was so sick of him</p>

<p>A few days later while I was cooking in the kitchen, he came in and dumped his garbage filling the entire bin with his own garbage. He did it while I was present. </p>

<p>This is irrelevant, but every occasional night he and his group of friends (I am not really trying to be racist here, but they are all native Koreans) comes into the kitchen and makes a huge mess. When I come to the kitchen during the afternoon I feel so sorry for the couple who had to clean up the mess.</p>

<p>I don't have much against his friends, but I really I want to report this guy to the RA. Without any evidence however, I am hesitant to make any move</p>

<p>People stealing food</p>

<p>Lately people have been stealing food from the fridge consistently. The RA is awared of this and held a meeting (not formal one, it was a "I am not going to force you to come" meeting). But nothing is being done.</p>

<p>I have no evidence, and I know this is fallacy, but I just cannot stand this man</p>

<p>Well, you have no evidence except this guy is rude and messy and inconsiderate. I can see him stealing food, but again, you don't have much to go on. Try using a sharpie to write your name on the packaging- some people assume that unmarked food are free for all. If it still happens, tell your RA so during next floor meeting he can make it clear.</p>

<p>It's October and we haven't had a real meeting since that one...</p>

<p>I honestly don't think writing your name on it will become a shield</p>

<p>Set up a camera.</p>

<p>put lax on some delicious pastry before one of those RA meetings. you can get the weasel to give himself away pretty easily that way</p>

<p>Lax?? What is that?</p>

<p>Well, I may be stereotyping here, but most Korean moms tend to coddle their children until they're married. (I know this personally; I'm a native Korean.) This may cause him to think it's okay to borrow other peoples' things without their permission. However, he's being a complete ass about it.</p>

<p>I'm in high school, and even now, my mom cooks for me, does my laundry, cleans my room / bathroom / closet, etc., makes my school lunch, and sometimes brings my meals up to my room when I'm studying. Most of my Korean friends tell me that their moms do this too.</p>

<p>laxatives. Sorry, I had lazy fingers</p>

<p>grow up, youre in college and not everyone you meet will be as perfect as you think you are</p>

<p>^Exactly .</p>