UNCW Honors College!

Kid just got accepted…anyone else?

My son was accepted at UNCW Honors College and we really liked it. Also got into Watagua College at App State. Would love to hear from folks about how to weigh these two very different options.

Yes we went for a visit and loved it. Weighing it against the App State Watagua Residential College.

@RaleighMom2 my son was waitlisted for Watauga at App. He’s considering whether it would be easier to get into Nursing at App or UNCW?

I was accepted back in December to uncw honors. I received a $20,000 merit scholarship as well. Now trying to decide between uncw and app state honors college and unc chapel hill. Waiting til after scholars day as I am a finalist for 3 full rides there. I am also planning on attending nursing. Both nursing programs are extremely difficult to get into, but uncw may be a bit more prestigious

Hi snowmenrsocool, would you mind sharing your stats that earned you the $20K scholarship? We are OOS and my daughter loves UNCW but we can only swing it with large merit money. Thanks!

The Chancellor’s scholarship is 5K/year (20 total, not 20 per year like many schools offer for top stats). The minimum requirements seem to be 3.9 GPA and 31 ACT.

Very pleased and grateful for scholarships. When checking my child’s financial package I was pleasantly surprised at the honors scholarship. He also applied on the scholarship web site and found out he did get an additional one through the site, so well worth the time and effort. We did not hear until after May 1, so he had committed already, but as an out of state student, it has made a great choice school an affordable school.

Congrats to your son, goldendog! That might be hard for us to commit on May 1 without full merit info. Would you mind sharing stats to see if my DD is in the ballpark for merit?

Stats were ok - 4.1, 30 ACT, but he had really good EC in areas he was passionate about and he was able to interview for the larger scholarships.