Undecided but leaning towards Poli Sci-which would be best?

Looking at Brooklyn College or City College. Stats are 3.3 GPA with a few AP courses in there. Not sure SAT yet but it will likely be pretty “average”. I am leaning towards working in human rights or politics but still undecided. Any suggestions on which schools to apply to?

No clue but found this blurb. Where can you be closer to internships ? Which campus do you feel more comfortable at ? Are you commuting ? If so, which is most convenient?


I don’t think you’ll find a big difference between undergrad departments at different CUNY colleges. They all have access to the same caliber of professors.

But what you will find is differences in class size and therefore access to your professors. Brooklyn has a student:faculty ratio of 18:1 while City College has a better ratio of 16:1. But the best student faculty ratio in the CUNY system is found at Hunter. Just 13:1.

With its upper East Side location, Hunter has the bonus for pool-sci majors of easy access to the UN. Since you’re interested in Brooklyn, I assume you live in that borough, which makes a commute to CCNY a long haul. The commute to Hunter would be a lot better.

I suggest that you put Hunter College on your list.

Thank you so much for the help. I assumed I would be out of the running for Hunter with my GPA not being super high. I would love that location. I am actually out of state but have been to NYC many times and it is definitely a fit for me (plus the added bonus of internship opportunities there). Brooklyn is on the list because we toured St. Joseph’s and really loved the area.

Since you don’t have your SAT yet, your admissions chances are hard to predict. But your gpa (3.3) is right in line with what I’m finding for their average admits (3.1). Do prep for both SAT and ACT. Take the one for which your practice test results are better. Some people find the ACT easier. Hunter’s range for the middle 50% of its accepted students is 1170-1390. You might ask the Admissions Office if admissions requirements are different for students for out of state applicants.

I grew up near Brooklyn College and went there for grad school. My wife grew up not too far from St. Joe’s so I’m familiar with both neighborhoods,

Brooklyn College is not near St. Joe’s and the neighborhoods are not at all similar. The student housing for Brooklyn College is nowhere near campus but it’s not too far from the St. Joe’s neighborhood. The problem for students is that it’s 35 minutes away from campus in lovely Brooklyn Heights, turning a resident student into a subway commuter. I expect that there are other options closer to campus although the neighborhood is mostly private homes.

Student housing for Hunter is all much closer to the college, some of it walkable and the rest just a stop or 2 on the subway. But if you don’t get into student housing, the Upper East Side is much more expensive than Midwood and East Flatbush in Brooklyn. But maybe the low tuition at Hunter will make Manhattan rental prices easier to bear.

Even for at out of state tuition, NYC colleges are a bargain. I think you’re wise to pursue this option.

One other thing which I forgot to mention. When you see “Brookdale” housing as one of the options for Hunter, ignore. It’s not available to you. It’s for students at the Nursing School only, which is located downtown on the Lower East Side, nowhere near the rest of the college.

The Marxe School of Public and International Afdairs’ BSPA program at Baruch would be a reachable reach. Baruch Weisman would be a match.
Otherwise, seconding Hunter and City.

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