Undecided & confused. Need some advice

ok so… i’m having trouble. I’m a sophomore in college and i’m currently a psychology major, so im not exactly undecided. just super confused. I’ve been having doubts about it due to so many reasons “why to not major in psychology” and also just personal family issues… but the thing is, I enjoy it. But also, I enjoy math. and I know majoring in math would give me more opportunities because of what ive been hearing. so I’ve been having this feeling to change my major to math because i feel like having that degree would be much safer for me ? if that makes sense. But I also want to study psychology in some way. so I was thinking majoring in math and minoring in psych.

this leads me to my other question. I am more than happy to go to grad school. I was wondering if its possible to get a bachelor’s in math and then get a masters in any kind of psychology or even behavior analysis. something related. I hope anyone could give me advice about what I am doing:/

If you want to, and can…switch your major to math and do a minor I psychology.

Go talk to your advisor.


What level of math have you studied so far? In high school and in college? The math that a pure math major tackles is very different to what a high schooler traditionally gets exposed to in the US. That’s why I’m asking. Look into the curriculum for different math majors at your college. Psychology and statistics combines well in behavioral analysis.

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Don’t base it solely on career, which is not predictable for either. Study what interests you the most and what you do well in.

For psychology, try to find some internships, volunteering or work that relates and gain some experience in the field.

Applied Behavior Analysis is a possibility yes.

Does your school offer a one-year master’s for current students (accelerated, or combined BA/MA )? Look at grad programs you might be interested in and see if you get advanced credit from your undergrad courses.

You could do a double major or major/minor… Math can intersect with psychology. Have you looked into that? Do you like statistics?

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There are lots of opportunities in psychology for math. Teaching statistics and research methods, doing research using the most cutting edge quantitative analysis. I know from personal experience that research teams are often looking for a “math person”. Academia, government agencies, and private companies have opportunities for the intersection of psychology and math.

It sounds like majoring in math and minoring in psychology might be the way to go. You absolutely can get into a psychology or related grad program with those credentials.

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Agree with others that if your school has a statistics, applied math, or data analytics major, these all offer skills that are in demand on research teams in psychology and other social sciences. It doesn’t sound as if a more esoteric theoretical math degree would be as good a fit for you. Public Health is another overlap field, within which you can acquire marketable quantitative analysis skills but also study social determinants of health and other mental health related topics.


If you pursue a PhD in Psychology, (e.g., Clinical Psychology) your studies can have a strong focus on research, if you like, that you can marry with your interest in Math.

However if you later realize that you have more interest in Practice, then your PhD will enable that as well.

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