Undecided in Major!!!

<p>Hey everyone I'm a noob here, and i saw this website as an excellent source to help me in my college major decision. I'm a senior in High School and I've narrowed my majors down to the following:
1. Pre-Pharm/Pharmacy
2. Biochemistry
3. International Relations
4. Econ or Business </p>

<p>The problem is that my favorite subject is HISTORY!!! With science coming in at a close second, math is is probably my least favorite subject, however I have began to enjoy it more as i have taken Pre-Calc in my junior year and now AP Calculus this year. If you guys have any recommendations, i will greatly appreciate it. Lastly, for me, I would just like to have a profitable career coming out of college.Thanks once again.</p>

<p>If you want to go into pharmacy, you could always complete a bachelor's degree and then apply for the program, which I think is the most common route to take (you can major in anything you want). On deciding a major, maybe you could figure out whether you prefer social science over science and that'll help. If History is what you really like, then think about International Relations or Econ.</p>

<p>Pharmacy is a pretty long, tough road for people who just want a profitable career coming out of college! The starting salary is decent but often doesn't increase commensurate with other professions unless you work insane numbers of hours and the work can be really grueling! Suggest you volunteer/shadow or get more exposure to get a better idea if you'd really like it!<br>
Getting into PharmD programs is pretty competitive and there are tons of people with great gpa's and PCAT scores applying for limited admissions every year. Many programs admit less than 10% of applicants a year and quite a few do not accept transfers. It's not exactly common to apply after a bachelor's, though more people are doing it every year - but sometimes that's because it can take several rounds of admissions to get accepted into a PharmD program! The "traditional" route is 2 years to fulfill your pre-pharmacy courses while getting some experience, take the PCAT, then apply (and keep fingers x'd).
I think econ + pharmacy would be a good combo if you're interested in HMO/pharm management type work. There are also pharmD/JD and various other combos out there. Maybe think about what kind of job you think you'd like to get up to every morning...:)</p>

<p>You say your favorite subject is History. I would then say go IR. I would think Econ/Business is more math related.</p>

<p>dagreatone2009, my interests are similar to yours. History is one of my favorite subjects buy it's not exactly a "profitable" major and i agree completely with that, but remember, college isn't just about being able to make loads of money... I'm just saying, don't let money become your main focus (:</p>

<p>I would agree with krieger. If you love history I would go IR. Plus at least in my college the IR majors also take a lot of econ classes. In fact most IR majors double major econ since it only requires like 2 extra econ classes to complete the double major. So you'll technically be getting 2 of your 4 choices if you take IR, while simultaneously studying your favorite subject.</p>

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<p>Biochemistry is def. not the road you wanna go if you don't 100% like chemistry. I'd say Business or IR</p>

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