Undecided Major and which school to choose

Hi , My son is undecided and was accepted to Marist(Honors Program), Villanova(school of liberal arts and sciences), Providence(Honors Program), Bucknell, Colgate, Holy Cross.
He doesn’t want to go to a school he didn’t get to visit because of COVID so he ruled out Bucknell and Colgate. I am torn as to how to advise him. He says he’s restricted at Villanova in case he wants to change to one of the other schools(ie. business) supposedly very difficult to do. He is leaning towards Marist. Can someone please offer any opinions or advice? Help!

Yes, he has a good idea to check whether the majors he may be interested in are difficult or competitive to change into or declare. He should check this for all of the colleges.

However, lots of students attend colleges without visiting them first.

  1. Can he graduate from any of them w/o debt? that's my 1st vote.
  2. Bucknell or Colgate (& if I knew him as a human I would have an opinion as to which). They are in a different tier altogether.

Marist gave the most money but I want him to not figure that in. He’s very stubborn about not choosing if he can’t visit. Is the Villanova name going to help him more than doing exceptionally well at Marist?