Undecided major

Hi everyone so I need some advice or help, I’m currently a sophomore student in college but I have no I idea what to Major in. I was a math major In secondary education my first year because I enjoyed teaching/tutoring during the summer before I began college, however when I took a class required for that major I was very discouraged and was struggling on how to understand conceptual teaching(MAT 207) and ended up placing in a low math so It gave me the thought that maybe I wasn’t good in math like I initially thought. Move on to my second year I go in a BA in math but I am horrible in programming which is a require course for that major so now I’m undecided because I thought I was good at math but I don’t know now. I feel very unmotivated at this point and feel lost like I’m wasting time. I hate science and English so I know those aren’t something to major in. I did enjoy teaching math in high school but I am struggling in college. What should I do? My initial idea was to become a math teacher for algebra but as you can see that’s not going as planned

Most fields are broad and it is very possible to dislike, and/or not do well in, at least one class in your major. That doesn’t mean that the major isn’t for you - it’s just one class! I personally did not like cognitive psychology much.

Programming is necessary in math to do some complex calculations for some applications of math, but that’s not all there is to math. So maybe you just don’t like - and are not good at - programming, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not good at math or that you shouldn’t want to teach math. There’s a lot of conceptual and abstract thinking in the major as well.

I’d take another math class in your major (something different, something interesting) to help you make a decision. While you do that, you can always try on other related majors to see if they are more your speed. What do you enjoy?