Undecided on a career.

<p>I'm currently an information systems major at SF State right now but I'm still not completely set on it. Aside from what it basically is I don't know much about and it's workings or if I'm even going to enjoy it. I was planning on becoming an accountant since it's stable and the salary's pretty good but after taking my first acct class I loss interest and found it rather grueling and boring. I've always had an interest in technology and once considered computer science but then I realized that math and physics were my worst subjects, hence the reason I decided on isys because it's the closest thing to CS but without all the math. I'm still doing basic business courses because it's my sophomore year and I've been contemplating on whether I should stick with it or not. Reason being I have no clue what the work environment is like or whether it's something I'd enjoy doing for life.
Most of my friends are already set on what they want to do for life and have thoroughly researched their majors and I feel like I'm the odd one out because I barely have a clue about mines or if I'll even stick with it.</p>