Undecided VS. Engineering MAJOR

<p>For schools like UCI, UCSB, and Cal Poly, would it be easier for me to get in if I wrote Undecided for my major, instead of Engineering? Wouldn't I be less likely to get into these schools which are specialized in engineering and thus are harsher at the time of the application for those that wrote that on their apps?
(does that make sense????)</p>

What are the pros and cons of the schools listed above?
Which one is the best in terms of engineering and computer science?</p>


<p>most schools (at least all the ones i applied to) ask you for first and second choice majors, where they consider you for your first major first, second major second... you get the idea. so it's more than likely that at all of those schools that'd be the way to apply.</p>

<p>FYI, you have to declare a major to apply to Cal Poly.</p>

<p>which has the best engineering and computer science program of the three schools listed above??</p>

<p>cal poly does</p>