Undeclared or declared?

<p>Hi guys,
So it's getting to that time where us seniors need to start applying for colleges, and I have a big question that needs to be answered! I have about a 4.45 GPA (Weighted) and I got a 2080 on the SAT. Along with this I am lead alto in the Jazz band and also a member of the golf team.
Im quite interested in the field of Aerospace Engineering and my target schools are UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSD. While my grades are above average, I fear that I cannot compete with all the other super competitve students of class 2013 that wish to pursue a career in engineering. Is this true? Should I be applying undeclared, but if I do this will I be allowed to transfer into the Engineering program? These 3 schools are my dream schools and I want the best chance to be able to go to one of the schools for the Engineering program. Overall I guess my questions are...
Should I apply undeclared or declared?
Do I even have a chance to be accepted in this field to these schools?
And if I were to be accepted undeclared, would I be able to "transfer" into the engineering program?
Thanks a lot for taking the time to evaluate my situation and helping me out.</p>

<p>Berkeley does not have aerospace engineering as a standalone major; presumably you would major in mechanical engineering there.</p>

<p>At Berkeley, it is generally difficult to change from a different division (e.g. College of Letters and Science, where most undeclared students are) into a major in the College of Engineering. However, engineering undeclared students (in the College of Engineering) do not have to apply to declare a major, although the freshman admission thresholds for engineering undeclared may be higher than those of many or most declared engineering majors.</p>

<p>Freshman applicants to the mechanical engineering major may also apply to the full ride Drake Scholarship.</p>