so if I’m going as undeclared, what department/school would I be admitted into for cal Poly Pomona, and colleges in general? if I have to declare a department, can I change it, if the department is not engineering, nursing, dental, or anything similar to that?

https://www.cpp.edu/studentsuccess/guides/change-of-major.shtml gives general information on changing/declaring major at CPP.

https://www.cpp.edu/studentsuccess/guides/changeofmajor/requirements.shtml can show you specific majors’ criteria to change into or declare.

How about for colleges in general? is it possible to switch between the specific schools likes school of biological sciences and school of arts

Some colleges admit freshmen to the college and not to a specific department. For those colleges, you typically designate a department at the end of your freshman year.

Other colleges admit by department. For many of those colleges switching departments can be problematic.

So there is no general answer.

Thank you! How do I figure out which colleges admit freshman to the college first?

@collegetobe123: Which colleges are you targeting?

Since your question is about Cal Poly Pomona, all the Cal states admit by major. For the UC’s, if the major is in the College of Letters and Sciences then most do not admit by major.

Let me know and I can give a breakdown on how each UC campus admits Freshman.

There is also the variation in that a college may admit students undeclared to the campus, or a division of the campus (e.g. arts & sciences, engineering, etc.) to declare major later, but some majors are “full” and require high college GPA or competitive admission to declare.

Another variation is to admit frosh into a pre-major to allow them registration priority for frosh/soph courses, but then require another admission process based on grades in the frosh/soph courses and other criteria to continue to the major. This is sometimes done for nursing.

A college may have different procedures for different majors or divisions.


for UC’s im thinking of applying to Irvine, Merced, and Riverside, but im mostly interested in riverside.

The thing about UCs though, is that the classes have more than 200 students and I heard its for people who are able to work fast paced and work well individually. Im not sure Im that type of person, but its the only thing that has a low tuition rate, in CA, and accepts personal statement questions which benefits me a lot. Also on my transcript, my school doesn’t give an overall UW, just the overall weighted, which is a 3.28. They also donut give a class rank. I calculated my eligibility index and I can apply, but what do you think my chances are, even though this year is unpredictable? And if you have any other suggestions for colleges, in CA or NY, id love to hear them because Im pretty confused there’s a lot of factors that I need to account for so nothing seems to work out. Thanks.


for me its less about the major and more about the school. I am interested in sciences as well as arts and maybe business but im not sure about buisiness(web designing, careers of that sort), and there is no college on my list that has a school designated to both of them. So If I wanted to switch the schools I would want to do that

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Any UC including UC Merced and Riverside will not be an easy admit with your GPA.

What are your 3 UC GPA’s? https://rogerhub.com/gpa-calculator-uc/

UC capped weighted also equals the CSU capped weighted.

Eligibility index for the Cal states will not be used this year since test scores are not considered. See below:

Some UC admit information:
2019 Freshman admit rates for UC GPA of 3.00-3.39 capped weighted and not major specific:
UCB: 1%
UCLA: 1%
UCSD: 1%
UCSB: 1%
UCI: 1%
UCD: 2%
UCSC: 13%
UCR: 18%
UCM: 53%

2019 Freshman admit rates for UC GPA of 3.40-3.79 capped weighted and not major specific:
UCB: 1%
UCLA: 2%
UCSD: 9%
UCSB: 6%
UCI: 7%
UCD: 9%
UCSC: 40%
UCR: 53%
UCM: 80%

**2020 UC capped weighted GPA averages along with 25th-75th percentile range: **
UCB: 4.22 (4.13-4.30)
UCLA: 4.25 (4.18-4.31)
UCSD: 4.18(4.04-4.28)
UCSB: 4.17 (4.03-4.27)
UCI: 4.11 (3.96-4.26)
UCD: 4.11 (3.97-4.25)
UCSC: 3.94 (3.71-4.16)
UCR: 3.88 (3.65-4.11)
UCM: 3.68 (3.40-3.96)

2020 Data:
25th - 75th percentiles for SAT totals:

UCB: 1320-1560
UCLA: 1350-1550
UCSD: 1310-1520
UCSB: 1290-1510
UCD: 1230-1490
UCI: 1280-1510
UCSC: 1170-1440
UCR: 1110-1380
UCM: 980-1260

25th - 75th percentiles for ACT composite + language arts
UCB: 29-35
UCLA: 31-35
UCSD: 29-34
UCSB: 28-34
UCD: 26-33
UCI: 27-34
UCSC: 24-32
UCR: 21-31
UCM: 18-27

There are plenty of Cal states that would love to have you and offer many majors of interest. Yes, you need to apply with a specific major or Undeclared, but many CSU’s are fairly easy to change majors. Exceptions are usually impacted majors such as Biology, Nursing, Engineering etc…

Below is the CSU impaction matrix which shows the majors that are impacted by campus. https://www.mjc.edu/studentservices/counseling/cdtc/transfer/impactedprogramsmatrix.pdf

Also check each target campus on the requirements needed to change majors.

Below is a link to the average admitted CSU GPA for each campus (not major specific) but it will help narrow your chances based on your GPA.


Some California private schools that might be options with your GPA would be Whittier College, Cal Baptist, Cal Lutheran, University of the Pacific and Concordia University, Irvine. Run the Net price calculator to determine affordability.

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I wanted to add after reviewing your posting history, that any school where you can explain your disability will be an advantage so the you could have a better chance with the UC’s than your GPA indicates. Having a 1400 SAT score will be beneficial to your chances at the UC’s. UC admissions in general can be unpredictable, so there is no reason not to apply. Also mentioned in your SDSU post, is to contact the Disablity office at each campus target and make yourself known which could also give you a bump.

Best of luck.

Thank you @Gumbymom ! And what do you think my chances are for the University of San Francisco. Im from the Bay Area and I can go in as undeclared in the college of arts and sciences which has the majors im interested in?

I believe that USF is a good target school especially with some compelling essays and your SAT score. Also changing/declaring majors at USF would be easier than at some other universities.


Best of luck.

thank you! Your advice is so much better than my college counselor and what other people have told me!

Also, sorry about asking so much. I was wondering what you know about the campus culture like the social life and athletics and parties

Unfortunately I cannot give you any insight on campus culture, social life etc… A good friend’s son did attend and was very happy with his Undergrad experience. Beyond that, I cannot offer any advice.