Underclassmen competing with upperclass CCers

<p>Can you underclassmen stop? I mean what is the purpose in putting "Sophomores Where are YOU applying?" that is kinda dumb all together, you just got done with your freshmen year, I doubt many of you know where you are applying. You barely got a taste of high school. lol</p>

<p>Im sorry but this bugs me</p>

<p>It's <em>Freshman</em> year, not freshmen.</p>

<p>you misspelled "frosh" :)</p>

<p>no .</p>

<p>Imitation is the most meaningful form of flattery.</p>

<p>At my high school's back to school assembly the first day of school, when the principal introduces the freshmen, everyone else stomps their feet twice and yells, "Freshman, you suck!" in unison. It's actually a beautiful example of coordination, you can hardly ever get a thousand people to do something in unison these days.</p>

<p>Ok, this is the second time just on this thread!</p>

<p>Now it should be "Freshmen, you suck"</p>

Freshman=one person/name of grade level</p>

<p>GreenDayFan=voice of reason
grammar geekery=awesome</p>

<p>Freshmen do suck.</p>

<p>whoooooo seniors!</p>

<p>agreed, freshmen do suck, 07!</p>

<p>And I agre with the OP, you don't know enough about high school, college, or what your college preferences are to start talking about where you are applying. it will definitely change by the time you do apply. leave that stuff to the seniors.</p>

<p>wow <em>rolls eyes</em> get over yourself *******</p>

<p>Asking their peers where they want to go to school hardly seems like competing with the upperclassmen. Let them talk amongst themselves, why not?</p>

<p>Represent '010. We don't care about you, but we're awesome. ;)</p>

<p>u guyz shud chyll out.. y u guyz hating against all the freshmen (i dont care about wut grammer im usin u friggen nerds) lol jp.. we lower calssmen jus wanna know what we need 2 do in hs and ask our elders to help.. is tat such a big deal.. lol</p>

<p>btw im a sophomore</p>

<p>I think I started that thread, but in case anyone didn't get that</p>

<p>it was kind of supossed to be a joke.</p>

<p>seniors just remember... we'll be freshmen again next year!</p>

<p>I don't think freshmen suck. I was a freshman once, and I don't think I sucked then. Nearly all my friends are in classes below me... and THAT sucks, because we won't all graduate at the same time. :(</p>

<p>HIGHSCHOOL freshmen suck. And the 09 sophomores at my school still exhibit remnants of freshman behavior, which is definitely not cool. -__-;;...</p>

<p>it especially sucks for those who have high schools being grades 10-12 so when the freshmen come up as sophomores they've been held back a year in emotional maturity.</p>

<p>seriously...i remember being a junior last year and there were still sophomores throwing food and chasing each other with backpacks on like it was recess. it was a sad sight.</p>