Undergrad admission to UMich - Schools

When we started the EA application to UMich in Common App - we initially had to select LSA and then Ross. So even though my son is applying to Ross (much harder), does this mean that if Ross rejects him, he could still get in to LSA?

It sure seems like that but could not find any specific blurb of that on UMich website

Look at the bottom of this page. It says the Ross application is not reviewed until after an applicant is accepted to UM.

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Yes, you have to be accepted to Michigan first then Ross. Some get accepted into Michigan but not into Ross FYI.

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You’ll hear first from LSA (or whichever school he applies to) before Ross. Ross if I recall has 3 notification dates.

While my son is not on that track (he’s in Engineering), he has friends who are/were and I learned today that if Ross rejects you during the application process but you attend UM anyway, you cannot then later re-apply to Ross to transfer. It’s a hard transfer in any case, but that’s harsh. One of his good friends was rejected from Ross but is an Econ major and now decided to double major in CS. So the possibilities are endless.

Many then just go into Econ and do fantastically well regardless. Good luck to your son!