Undergrad B-school Problem!!! (2yr vs. 4yr)

<p>Ohkaii i have a problem. I goin to be a jr in hs but its never too early to start looking for colleges :) but anyway I am interested in going to a college or uniersity with a good undergrad business program to go into marketing and either double major or minor in communications to work in a well renowned company that focuses on either sports, fashion and/or entertainment (like IMG World or TSE Sports know any other companies like this or ppl who work in these companies?). So far I am looking at these schools, but the debate is not whether I can get in so this isn't a chance me thread :) I haven't visited any of these colleges (yet lol) and I am really looking to stay on the east coast and I guess financial aid will help decide to (I am hoping to get a good package) </p>

<li>Upenn (Wharton)
pro: like thee best u-grade b-school
con: idk whether I can get in :(</li>
<li>UVA (McIntire)
pro: I like the college atmosphere of UVA (though I have never visited) and it seems like
I can actually have a college experience if I get in here (school spirit, greek life,
and balanced w/ a good education:) )
con: It isn't guaranteed that I will get into the business school and I'm kinda scared of
that </li>
<li>NYU (Stern)
pro: I guess the location and the opportunities NY has and the marketing program
seems good even though I have read other posts and it seems like people
there consider marketing a joke :( but idc
con: I guess the location too b/c I have lived in NY all my life and I don't think I wanna
be here during college and the lack of a campus kind of bothers me as I go to NYU
precollege now and I see Stern everyday it just looks like a regular building and the
lack of school spirit bothers me also</li>
<li>Emory University (Goizeuta)
pro: the business school is ranked really well and I like the location of Atlanta
con: Getting into the business school isnt guaranteed and the lack of school spirit also
bothers me, and I heard there was a lack of diversity</li>
<li>Georgetown (McDonough)
pro: this school is ranked well and the location of washington and alumni network and I<br>
recruiting there is good too as is school spirit (Go Hoyas lol!)
con: Well the non-Greek life may seem like a con to me b/c I see that as apart of college
life and who knows I may want to join a sorority or not but I would at least like to
have the option :)</li>
<li>Duke University
pro: I love the school spirit and the renowed professors
con: There is a lack of a solid u-grad b-school and I dont want to major in economics or
get the cerificate and idk if Durham is really a college town</li>
<li>Boston College (Carroll)
pro: Carroll is coming up in the rankings and Chestnut Hill seems like a safe location
con: My friend told me there isn't a very diverse student body is that true?</li>

<p>sorry that this post is getting really long but I have a few basic questions
1. What type of undergrad b-school is better 4 yrs or 2 yrs w/ the risk of not gettin into the business school? (this only scares me b/c idk how I will do in like the basic pre-req classes like accounting which really doesnt interest me :( but I am not an average or below avg student I guess I would need to adjust to college first
2. Why did you choose the business school you went to?</p>

<p>BC is not in Medford.</p>

<p>sry I meant chestnut hill :)</p>

<p>come on anyoneee????</p>

<p>Check out Cornell AEM.</p>

<p>I can understand wanting a guaranteed spot in a business school compared to going to a college and not getting in. I belive that Michigan and Emory have gurantees to some freshmen that they will get into the bschool. At Wharton you'll only really take 2 business classes your freshman year and the bulk of the core ones sophomore year, so while it's a 4 year business program, the pace at which you take courses isn't too different from a 3 or 2 year program.</p>

<p>thanks Venkat89 I checked out cornell and I know that their program there is strong and also up and coming but I dont think its for me tho but I will keep it in mind :)</p>

<p>come on anyoneee else ????</p>