Undergrad Bus. SLO vrs UCR vrs CSULB EMERGENCY!

<p>I got accepted as undergrad business admin (finance), into SLO, UCR, and all the other state schools besides san diego for some reason...(impacted as a mofo*). I'm approaching the deadline to choose the best undergrad business program, and i need help decinding, ANY advice would be infinitely helpfull. Keep in mind that i WOULD like to get into a good Grad school. THANK YOU</p>

<p>go for ucr, i heard there business wasn't actually that bad.</p>

<p>cal poly SLO: academically recognized as the BEST cal state school. its architecture and engineering programs are great, however their business program is on the rise and good as well. best bargain for price, pay state tuition for prestige similar to that of a UC. Good school/social atmosphere.
UC Riverside: academically recognized as the WORST UC school. still a UC, so its a good school, but just the worst. nobody ever 'dreams' of going to ucr, usually a backup backup school for those who never made it. social/school atmosphere isnt that great, commuters in the middle of nowhere/worst place in so cal. </p>

<p>cal poly SLO>>>>>UCR.</p>

<p>you said you would like to get into a good GRAD school? or do you plan on going to business school for a MBA? </p>

<p>given the relative strength of all the schools you got into, my question to you is: where do you want to work? most of these schools are rather regional, so recruiters are going to come from the surrounding areas of where your school is located. cal poly does have a statewide reach, and ucr isnt limited to just inland empire. </p>

<p>the general consensus is that cal poly is the best cal state and better than UCR. i agree with that, but just be cautious not to fall for that too fast because just because cal poly has great recognition for architecture and engineering doesnt mean that youll get the same recognition for business there. i am unfamiliar with cal poly business, so perhaps you could do some research about its job placement. </p>

<p>the general consensus is that UCR is the worst UC, but i would also take into consideration that UCR is a research university, meaning students are more prepared to go on to grad school or professional school than the vast majority of the cal states (not sure about cal poly though). cal states in general heavily focus on preparing you for an entry-level job. </p>

<p>with that said, i dunno what grad school youre looking for, but if you're looking for MBA, then you're going to have to get some work experience first. so that goes back to my original question of where you want to work. i also do note that for MBA programs, it doesnt matter as much where someone got their degree if they've got good work experience. many company managers are cal state graduates.</p>

<p>if you are considering graduate school in your future, you may want to consider UCR just because UC's are geared towards getting you ready for graduate education. </p>

<p>As for Cal Poly SLO business program, very highly regarded. Although known for its engineering and architecture, employers in California still do heavily recruit Business graduates from Cal Poly. </p>

<p>stats from calpoly.edu for business graduates, 68% find a job after school, 24% are attending graduate school, and 3% are working part time. Average starting salary, $38,000. </p>

<p>again, Cal Poly SLO are the most highly regarded of the 3, however if graduate school is in your future it would be a toss up between UCR and CP SLO.</p>

<p>You guys are all awesome thanks for your comments. I want to major in finance, and i was wondering if CalPoly's Math would be stronger than UCR's since it is what it is known for?</p>