Undergrad Business Major to MBA at CSU Schools - same classes?

<p>I received my undergrad at a CSU and now I am just starting my MBA at another CSU. In my undergrad I took Managerial Accounting and Organizational Behavior. My first two classes for my MBA are the same classes and, coincidentally, I am using the exact same book in the Organizational Behavior class. I am worried that many of the MBA classes are going to be similar to what I have already done which would result in me not getting much out of the MBA program. Any advice would be appreciated? Thanks.</p>

<p>Why do you want to get an MBA in the first place? Have you had a few years of work experience after you got your undergrad business degree?</p>

<p>I have many years of work/management experience prior to even getting my undergrad. I am enrolled in the program, I am just worried that it won’t be challenging if it is just a rehash of what I have already done as a business undergrad and I wanted to get feedback from anyone else who have experienced it.</p>