Undergrad Business School Internships/ Job Placement

Can any Albany student comment on-

Is it possible to do an internship off campus at a company during the school year?
Is there a co-op program?
Do large NYC companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, big 4 etc come to school to recruit for interships/jobs?
What did you like most (and least) about Massry?
How are the business school extracurricular activities (clubs etc)?
Overall, how motivated are the students to do well?
Anything else you can comment on is welcome.
Thank you

late reply. I graduated from the school many years ago, so my comments obviously may not be the most up to date.

I was unaware at the time of any internships. There were some senior-level independent study classes that we took that were essentially unpaid internships with local companies in Albany (i.e. Sysco). I’m not sure if those are offered still or not.

There was no co-op program. I am almost certain there still is none else my daughter would have mentioned it when she applied.

Large corporations like the big four do come to campus to recruit. There is a job fair that Delta sigma pi (business fraternity) hosts each year and gets a variety of companies to come, but the accounting firms were definitely there (including mid-size and others). I personally did not get a sense that GGL/APL or MSFT came to Albany to recruit in any large numbers, but perhaps that has changed.

For clubs - you have Beta Alpha Psi (accounting). The one I was involved in had students from all majors related to business (Delta Sigma Pi). The former seemed like more an honorary club, whereas the latter was more involved. There are other clubs but I lack personal experience to be able to attest.