Undergrad business school requirements

I’m not really familiar with undergrad business schools (like from a requirement standpoint.) I have taken all the business classes my school has to offer (the business scene is very small/ weak compared to other subjects) and I am taking the IB Diploma next year. I won’t be able to squeeze in calculus but can take it at the community college over the summer. For most undergrad business programs, do you need a very advanced understanding of business before undergrad? Like should I be studying other business concepts on my own time that I didn’t learn in my business classes?

No school expects you to study business in HS. You can show interest in business with that study but it is not expected. They want to see math, science, writing, foreign language, etc. Most schools don’t expect Calculus either. It can help show you are prepared for college.

Agree, you don’t need any HS business courses to qualify for an undergraduate b-school. They will, however, look for strong math skills so taking calculus before/while you apply could be helpful.

Didn’t you say you were considering becoming an orthodontist on another thread? I would also recommend trying to fit in calculus if you go that route.

Thank you both for your input! I was really unsure if for certain business schools they required you have some background knowledge on the business world.

Business courses in high school may help you determine your interest in the subject, but are not required or expected for frosh business majors in college (since many high schools do not have such courses).

Otherwise, follow the usual high school base curriculum: https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/high-school-life/2055289-faq-high-school-college-prep-base-curriculum.html

(Within IB, take math SL or HL, not math studies SL.)

Many of the stronger business schools require at least half year of calculus. Some might require a year. If you are also considering health professions, engineering, computer science, these areas will require at least a year of calculus. Granted that there are different levels of calculus (i.e., for science majors, for engineers, for non science, etc.) it would do you well by taking at least a year of calculus to give you the flexibility of majors. In general, taking the most difficult calculus (i.e., engineering/math major) would give you the best flexibility.

to clarify, generally, business schools will accept calculus taken for engineering, but engineering school will not accept non science calculus for business majors.

In my opinion if you have taken many business classes in high school at the expense of more rigorous classes (e.g. calculus) your chances of acceptance at top undergrad business schools is lessened.