Undergrad Business school vs. HYPS Economics

<p>This subject has probably been raised a lot, but I haven't seen it.</p>

<p>Which one is better? Sure, it depends on the person. What if you are indifferent and could fit in at both places? Which one gives a higher salary, more prestige, better job opportunities(iBanking, management consulting, you catch my drift) , more challenging classes etc etc. ?</p>

<p>Under those circumstances is going to Stern, Sloan, Wharton or Haas better or Economics at HYPS?</p>

<p>For Ibanking, its probably better to go to a UG business school like Sloan Wharton Stern. For management consultant probably HYPS. Both relatively the same though. The reason why I think it's better to go to a business school for Ibanking is because the coursework is a lot more relevant to the job.</p>

<p>Oh definitely not economics. Haven't you heard it's for retards? I'm sure if you study accounting the ibanks will be all over you. Seriously though, engineers and physicists are often given the highest paying jobs in investment banking. Those majors, along with economics, are gonna be your best bet, regardless of what the "Failed Accountants Club" tells you.</p>

<p>Inmotion has 0 success in life, why would you even bother listening to him?</p>



<p>The only one saying that anything is "for stupid people" is you, and not to split hairs or anything but it actually turns out that you are completely wrong and clueless.</p>

<p>I won't dispute the claim that economics is "for smart people" as you say, but it certainly isn't a hard major. It's significantly easier than an accounting major (which isn't hard by internet standards, because engineers run the internet). I've seen a few times now that your reading comprehension is pretty poor and that you have a tendency to overreact when you read things you don't like, which leads to you posting unprovokedly belligerent arguments that make no sense whatsoever and are laden with self-aggrandizing factual inaccuracies.</p>

<p>You're basically saying the same things that a belligerent Engineering* student would typically say, only it's actually incredibly lame because unlike Engineers, you have an easier major than the "idiot" accountants etc. whom you disparage, whereas the belligerent Engineer at least has a leg to stand on when insulting people on the internet due to having a large e-***** from taking such a hard major. I'm not sticking up for the IQs of business majors, as many are quite low relative to their extremely strong GPAs, but majoring in econ is not a stressful experience compared to accounting and that is a fact
(which you will now either ignore or deny).</p>

<p>*proper noun</p>

<p>It's hard to evaluate which of these paths is better, but I would imagine an equally smart and driven person would have similarly strong opportunities either way.</p>

<p>Physics, really? Isn't that too irrelevant to the finance world? Why would they be interested in people with that major?</p>

<p>Or am I being trolled hard here?</p>

<p>No you aren't being trolled, employers value those quant majors because it's naturally harder.</p>

<p>I'll take your point on that Whistleblower. I honestly don't know how hard an accounting major is because I'm not one. It doesn't SEEM to me like a very difficult major but I would have no way of knowing. I was just defensive yesterday because my favorite major was under attack. Economics hasn't been difficult so far, but my understanding is the upper division courses use a lot of calculus (which I'm currently in the process of learning), which seems like it would be more difficult than memorizing stupid business practices.</p>

<p>Stern or Haas over HYPS? Never.</p>

<p>As a rule, to get an interview for an internship in ibanking or related (S & T) you need to be from a target school w/ a high gpa and interesting extras. Otherwise, you have to have some networking ins and have a very high gpa.</p>

<p>Major does not matter so much as school and gpa. But it helps to have a few basic courses such as accounting. finance and a few econ.</p>

<p>This is my understanding.</p>