Undergrad business vs. MBA

<p>Which is generally better? </p>

<p>Because I saw that you don't need an undergrad in business for a MBA. </p>

<p>My interests are in business. But my friend said that alot of business majors can't find jobs. Would an undergrad in engineering + MBA be better or would a undergrad in business better?</p>

<p>And whats the difference?</p>


<p>I'm curious as well :)</p>

<p>It's certainly true that many top MBA programs admit a large number of students who did undergrad engineering, but that shouldn't be the primary motivating factor for you to go into engineering. You also shouldn't go into engineering because you think that it's the most job-secure and highest-paying major. I say this because it's pretty difficult to get through engineering unless you either have some interest in engineering or are prepared enough to handle the difficulty of the major. Plus, engineers are starting to have a harder time finding jobs because of outsourcing. </p>

<p>I don't know where your friend got the idea that business majors can't find jobs. As long as the economy isn't in a horrible recession, companies will generally recruit a lot more. If you go to a decent school for undergrad business, it shouldn't be really hard to find a job because most undergrad business programs will try to make sure that the large majority of their students find a job or go to grad school because business programs look bad when it's taking many students a long time to get a job.</p>

<p>the MBA selection process is very difficult especially if you are aiming for any of the ivy's or top privates...they are more concerned with what you have accomplished since you have graduated from college and what you have made out of your self...MBA programs are more project based and lots of discussion...i have not heard of top schools admiting based on you being a undergrad engineer major but it is always possible...</p>

<p>business majors can always find jobs, there maybe jobs that people do not like but they are always in demand...business is everywhere, they are not just limited to wall street and banks, but they are needed everywhere...</p>

<p>for MBA selection, what exactly are they looking for in terms of accomplishments?</p>

<p>like where u have worked is the biggest, what company and what was your role there...also maybe you have started ur own company and taken it to really high heights...maybe u did some research or case studies...there are a lot of things but i say most important is what company ur working for and ur role...</p>