undergrad gpa for grad school

I have always been bad in my general ed classes. Did not pass a couple of times in the GE's. I really don't like them not even to the minimum and they are pulling my GPA down, even though my major GPA should be around 3.5+. I was wondering whether grad schools care much about the general ed classes or rather the overall cumulative GPA.</p>

<p>Grad schools will care less about gen eds than engineering classes, but if there are several failed classes on your record, that will still shoot up red flags. Just don't flunk any more of them. A 3.5+ is more than enough for many grad schools, even top 15 schools if the rest fo your application is good.</p>

<p>Yeah having too many failed classes is like saying "when I am bad...I am really bad". That can (like said earlier) shoot red flags on being "hot and cold" and some employers would rather have someone with a 3.1 or 3.2 gpa but knows that they will never do worst than average ("C") on anything.</p>