Undergrad grades in UC Davis?

Hey anyone currently in UC Davis, is it easier to get good grades compared to other schools? And how much flexibility do i have in choosing courses in my first year? can i choose whatever courses i want? (college of letters and science) thx soooo much plz help!

You have a lot of flexibility to pick classes, but some of the more popular ones end up filling up really quickly. I got almost all of the classes that I wanted without any problems :slight_smile: Honestly, if you work hard, then it is not too hard to get As or Bs. I am double majoring and have a lot of other projects on the side and I have been able to keep up a 3.7ish GPA( As, A-s and one B+). I also took way more classes than average during the last two quarters so I can graduate on time with 2 majors. I also have time to occasionally go out with my friends, since college isnt all about studying yourself to death:P. It might be overwhelming and stressful at times, but overall I would not say that it is bad. Good luck on your decision :smiley:

thank you so much!

@coffeelife sorry to bother you again…i’m just hoping to gather as much info as possible…do u mind sharing the gpa of some of your classmates? are there many ppl in college of letters and sciences with gpa similar to yours? 3.7 is really high! thx so much!

As a general rule, your grades will reflect your effort. Obviously there can be other factors tipping things either positively or negatively, but effort is the main predictor of grades.

Just as a data point, I’m a graduating senior double majoring in computer science and linguistics. I have a 3.4 overall. From talking to people in CS, I’m basically in the “above average but not spectacular” group. Around 3.6-3.7 and above is the “way above average and amazing” group. 3.0-3.2 is something like “high side of average/about expected”. 2.8-3.0 seems to be average/meh. Though once you get much below 3.0 people start raising eyebrows unless you have a good explanation for it.

For linguistics, the numbers are skewed higher. My overall would be considered around average or slightly above average, but my ling GPA (3.9) is in the “amazing” range. I haven’t talked to nearly as many ling people as I have CS, so I can’t really give ranges for that major.

This is all for seniors. Freshmen and sophomores frankly haven’t taken enough major classes to truly predict GPA; junior year is a much better indicator of final GPA. In my case, my GPA was a lot higher freshman year because of easy classes (initial CS prereqs, GEs, foreign language), then dipped sophomore year because I was stupid and stopped caring about the grades for my CS prereqs so long as I passed. Junior year my GPA went up because 1. I dropped the stupid attitude of not caring about grades and 2. I was taking major classes in both majors that I was more interested in. And senior year is basically maintaining my GPA, technically slightly raising at this point but not significantly.

thx so much!