undergrad major for environmental lawyer??

<p>My dad is really pressuring me to do environmental engineering then go to law school after and specialize in environmental law. I really dont want to go into engineering because I doubt I would get excepted into a top engineering program and the idea of taking that many science requirements scares me. I really interested in environmental policy because I have a passion for government and for what is going on in the environment (cap and trade programs, etc). I think this things are two separate things... am I right? Any ideas on some good undergraduate majors leading up to environmental law?? </p>

<p>Ps. My dad is always telling me how he will not pay for me to go to college for a pointless major. He wants me to pick one that I could make a career out of if something were to happen and i'd not go to law school. Like he considers political science, liberal arts, government, environmental studies, etc to be pointless. Its such a joke.. there is NO majors that are only four years and have a big pay off. Maybe engineering.. and my dad happens to be all over that one.. HELP. Thank you!!</p>

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<p>"Any ideas on some good undergraduate majors leading up to environmental law?? "<br>
Geophysics majors can give you the scientific knowledge necessary to be an effective environmental lawyer. However, a well designed Geophysics program requires you to take many of the same chemistry, math and physics classes as engineering majors. you could combine that major with a minor in Economics to really give your self a good background.</p>

<p>You don't need to know or want to take Environmental Engineering or Geophysics if going the environmetal law and policy direction. Nor will a minor in econ serve you well in such a major pathway. Many universities already have Environmental degrees dedicated to policy so teach you all the necessary regulations and subsequent paperwork as well as how to do proper economic and environmental impact analysis.</p>