undergrad or grad in US?

<p>I got accepted into UCSD as well as a top private university in Tokyo, Japan (that has an English program), and am currently debating which to attend in the fall. It's been a really tough decision for me for the past month; I made a deposit at UCSD recently to secure a spot, but I wanted to ask for people's opinions on this as well.</p>

<p>My question is: Is it better to take undergrad in Japan and grad in the US, or take both undergrad AND grad in the US?</p>

<p>Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>It's often easier to get into graduate school in the US for international students if you've completed an undergraduate degree here. Many US graduate programs have strict limits on international students, and competition for those few spots can be very intense.</p>

<p>What field of grad school? Economics, Biology, History? It can depend on the field.</p>

<p>However, if by "grad school" you mean professional school (Law, Medicine, etc) go to school in the US.</p>