undergrad school with highest amount of premed students getting into medical school?

<p>which undergraduate school has the highest amount of pre med students getting into medical school? i heard fullerton is supposed to be the best, with 80%, but i really don't want to go there. it's a commuter school which means your social life will not exist. i want to live in the dorms, etc.</p>

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<p>Also, don't be fooled by high acceptance rates because it tells you nothing about attrition or screening.</p>

<p>If two candidates have the same academic performances and there is only one seat to be filled then the student who graduates from the prestige school will get it.</p>

<p>I think the admission committee will evaluate everything (GPA, Schooling, MCAT scores, medical related experience etc. ). I believe that the school performance indication or reputation will play somehow in the admission decision. Otherwise the medical schools will not get the best and bright students for themselves.</p>

<p>It depends much more on student body of particular UG then UG itself. Surely, if UG is extremely selective and student body is primarily HS valedictorians, it would have higher rate. Remember, UG GPA, MCAT score are primary criteria, beside connections, URM status and heroic attempts at saving humanity from AIDS. Name of school (including Ivy) will not help one without connections, URM status and heroics, GPA=2.5 and low MCAT. However, chances of HS valedictorian having very low UG GPA and MCAT are also low. That is why selective UG will place more kids into Med. Schools.</p>