Undergrad V.S. 7 year Med. program

<p>What are the advantages/ disadvantages of going to an Undergrad to do pre-med and then applying to Med. School V.S. going into a 7 year Med. Program and coming out with as an M.D.?</p>

<p>Also, what are the most prestigious 7 year med programs in the US?</p>

Also, what are the most prestigious 7 year med programs in the US?


Is this a serious question? Why do you care?</p>

<p>^ i would care. upenn, nyu (ish), northwestern, and brown would be some of the more prestigious ones.</p>

<p>7 years? Those schools? Unsure, are you sure of your facts? ;)</p>

<p>Brown does have an 8-year PLME program which guarantees both undergrad and medical school</p>

<p>I do not think NYU has combined program, unless they re-instated it. In terms of prestigious, my advice is to get into ANY (including the least known ones), then decide which one to attend. Stats, EC's.... all other goodies in your bag that you have so carefully accumulated are absolutely required but will not quarantee aceptance to these programs. Benefits are great, but some people have something against combined programs, so it is very personal. My D. is finishing UG portion in combined program at state school and is very happy to be in one. Others might have different opinions.</p>

<p>Make sure you have some well chosen undergrad schools too. Combined programs are extremely competitive. The more selective ones are usually 8 yr though.</p>

<p>UPenn has 7 year dental, not MD.</p>

<p>^ whoops you're right. </p>

<p>and lol i guess i've been telling too many people too many things and i'm getting them confused. but brown and northwestern for sure</p>

<p>^correct about HPME at NW and PLME at Brown, the most selective of them all.</p>