Undergraduate Arch: UMich or HKU?

<p>Hey I'm an international student and I'm now in a dilemma between UMich - Ann Arbor and the Univ. of Hong Kong, both have great arch program. Do you have any suggestion? </p>

<p>I don't think I know much about UMich undergraduate arch program. Is the post-graduates really outweight undergraduates there? UMich is terribly big and that's a drawback in my eye.</p>

<p>hope to hear more bout UMich arch.~ :)</p>


I'm wondering if you are from Hong Kong.
I heard that the arch program in HKU is very good.
Besides, are you a transfer student transferring to UMich?</p>

<p>(P.S. I'm also an international student from Macau, waiting for the schools' response)</p>

<p>Actually I'm from Guangdong, PRC and I'm a freshman. yup HKU arch sounds quite good but what I really need is any info about UMich arch program so that I can get a better comparison~ Thx</p>

<p>I heard that people need to take tons of GCE for getting into HKU.
Besides, architecture is quite a competitive major in hk.
u are gonna apply HKU or u have been accepted?</p>

<p>actually I'm applying through the China's national college entrance exam (commonly known as Gao Kao), and I'm a member of the principal nomination scheme.</p>

<p>(still nothin bout the UMich...)</p>