Undergraduate art program at Columbia

<p>I'm trying to decide whether to finish my application for Columbia College at Columbia University, because I have concerns about the Core Curriculum. I know that I want to become a Studio Art major, but I've been told that I wouldn't be able to take any art classes until my third year. Is this true? </p>

<p>Someone told me I might be able to take art if i test out of a language, but I want to either continue the language I'm taking now, or start a new one. I also want to continue studying humanities for all four years and math for at least one or two years.</p>

<p>What would be the benefits of being an art major at Columbia versus at NYU? Being in the city is very important to me, but I want to know what else an art major can get out of Columbia that you can't at NYU.</p>


<p>You should ask this question in the Columbia forum. You'll get a more focused response there.</p>

<p>I don't think of Columbia as being particularly strong in studio art, but there's no question that the academics are excellent overall. </p>

<p>Among the Ivy League, I'd look at Brown and Yale. If you'd consider smaller schools, Williams, Wesleyan, Hamilton, Haverford, Vassar. Smith if you are female. These are not urban but they have good studio art programs and good academics.</p>