** Undergraduate Business Chances!

<p>I'm currently a junior in high school, with a 3.88 GPA (UW), wondering what the average GPA/SAT/general expectations in other areas are for undergrad business schools?</p>

<p>To give some more info about myself, I rank in the top 10% of my class, have taken 3 APs, 5 Honors and will probably finish High School with 8 AP's and 5 Honors. Also, I'm expecting a 3.7 to 3.8 GPA to finish off high school, with about a 1400-1500 SAT score. My EC's are excellent, with commitment and awards (EC's that many people wouldn't do).</p>

<p>So, what are the expectations/chances at the following schools?
- U of Chicago
- U of Michigan Ann Arbor
- Carnegie Mellon U
- Cornell
- Boston College</p>



<p>Looks pretty good for all of them. U of Chicago has an undergraduate business program, I thought it was graduate only..? Also, I think the BU business program is a lot better than the business program at BC, especially if you get into the honors program.</p>

<p>Thanks. I've been reading your posts, such as chances at Stern. I was wondering, what other schools you're applying to for business b/c our profiles are kinda same (GPA and SAT-wise). Thanks and lemme know how you did in December; I want to know, since it'll probably reflect my chances too.</p>

<p>Great list. Chicago does not have an undergraduate Business program, but its Economics program is arguably the best in the country.</p>

<p>Couple schools im applyin to:
ED: Stern as you know
RD: George Washington
Georgetown (no chance whatsoever)
Boston University (Honors Business Program)
Carnegie Mellon
Considering Babson College
Villanova Univ