Undergraduate business management... horrible at math

<p>Hello. So my school requires that to even pursue any business major you need a minimum of calc. Right now I am taking elementary algebra because that is what I placed into (as you can see I'm horrible at math). How hard are these maths in college? I took pre-calc in high school and found it pretty challenging, although I did hate my teacher. I would love a business management degree, but don't know if I should be messing around with things that are just not in my skill set. For someone who is horrible at math, what could you do to at least learn some of the skills someone going for business management would learn?</p>

<p>I dont recommend business management because its a useless degree...</p>

<p>However, the highest math I've had to take is Quant. Business tools I and II. One was more of a business calc, but very watered down, and the second class is more statistics, which is way more interesting imo.</p>

<p>Dyeamm, I'm in your position. Regardless of what you do, please heed my advice: don't let something as small and trivial as "being horrible" at mathematics get in your way of doing something you want to do. </p>

<p>Don't shy away from it because it SEEMS difficult. I too placed into a low mathematics class, but I'm using it to my advantage... it's a way to re-learn everything that I couldn't grasp in high school or middle school as a more mature person, and let me tell you, I'm much, much better at math now that I'm jumping through the loops to get to where I want to be... and you will be too.</p>

<p>Also, utilize khanacademy.org - it has helped me IMMENSELY.</p>

<p>Furthermore, complexity is just an illusion man. Don't worry about the math, just do what you need to do. I probably didn't answer your question at all, but I saw a little bit of myself in your post, and it just irked me to say something that I wish someone would have said to me earlier.</p>

<p>I've taken science based calculus, instead of the calculus that's needed for Business. The science based calculus is much harder, but still not that hard. Don't be scared of math. I found that if I apply the math, it is easier to do. What does that mean? Do problems everyday. Practice until you get a grasp of the concepts. At first, the concepts may look very strange, but after practicing, they start to make sense. I started out in College Algebra, took a 2 week intensive pre-calc course, then went on to regular calculus. Knowing pre-calculus helps alot, at least if you have to take the regular Calculus series. However in Basic/Business Calculus, in my school, pre-calc is not required, as you probably will not be using trigonometric functions. Also, it depends on how your professor is at lecturing it to you. I had a Professor who had a thick Chinese accent, but still managed an A in the course because I always did the MyMathLab problems, did practice problems, and went to recitation.</p>

<p>Your major will most likely not need to use calculus. Besides, you don't seem very fond of math itself, so you will most likely find a job that doesn't require math beyond your ability to use a four function calculator. With that said, you'll be fine; just suck it up and get it over with. There are plenty of other courses that you'll enjoy along the way.</p>