Undergraduate international relations major?

<p>I know that the graduate program at SAIS is one of the top in international relations, but I was wonder if the undergraduate program is just as prestigious? Should I apply here if I want to double major in this and economics?</p>

<p>YES - IR at Hopkins is an incredible program. It’s a subdivision of the political science department and you can opt for the 5yr BA-MA with SAIS if you get in. You apply in your Sophomore year if you want it. </p>

<p>Steven David is incredible and Deudney is a rock star. Kellee Tsai is the next big thing in Chinese-US Relations. These are three of their star faculty. </p>

<p>Program website: [JHU</a> International Studies Program](<a href=“http://sites.jhu.edu/international/index.html]JHU”>http://sites.jhu.edu/international/index.html)</p>

<p>Being close to DC is a huge bonus. It’s completely undergraduate-focused too as the graduate students are on the DC Campus (SAIS) and not at Homewood which is where you’ll be. </p>