Undergraduate Major?

<p>I'm thinking about either majoring in Anthropology or double majoring Anth+Bio</p>

<p>Will this help/hurt my chances for admission to med school?</p>

<p>To my knowledgy, as long as you can get a high GPA, and complete all of the pre-med courses, it will neither help nor hurt your chances.</p>

<p>don't double major</p>

<p>your major doesnt matter, but some med schools prefer people who didnt major in science...history is a very popular one....majoring in pure bio or only bio is also seen as somewhat of a cop-out</p>

<p>how is it seen as a cop out...science majors are pushed to their limits.</p>

<p>Biology is not as easy as someone may think. </p>

<p>Plus, ive never heard of a medical school who preferred certain majors...thats BS, while statistics may show certain majors have higher acceptance rates, never will a medical school say they prefer certain majors. *this is from my cousin whos admissions at mt sinai in NY.</p>

<p>As for saying your major doesnt matter...this is true. However, it may be easy to say you wont major in a science but when it comes down to it, its gonna be hard for someone to not mjaor in a science. When i was applying i wanted to be a business major and do pre-med. However, this was hard for me to do because schools then want you to take you major courses in addition to their core curriculum and then your pre-meds are secondary and you can take them as your electives.</p>

<p>Now the problem is, after all your required courses you may not have any room for electives so you are out of luck for that semester of pre-meds, therefore putting you behind everyone else. </p>

<p>If you choose to major in something other then a science, before you put that down on your applications i suggest calling you schools to see if this is feasible. Depending on what school you go to this may be very difficult for you to do.</p>

<p>And btw, shraf, i wouldnt say history is a popular major for pre-meds. They have high acceptance rates because so few pre-meds are history majors and if you get 5/10 history majors getting into a medical school, then your acceptance rate is already higher then most other majors. But to say its "popular" is absolutely wrong.</p>

<p>yeah, a bio major is a cop-out</p>

<p>a bio major is simply the pre-med reqs plus like 2 or 3 other courses</p>

<p>lemme ask you sumthin bball...are you in college, if so, are you pre-med, and whats your major?</p>

<p>whether you are pre-med or not, you should know the pre med courses is no joke themselves...however to say that a bio major is copping out is rediculous and is an insult to myself and every other student who is working hard and every doctor who has succeeded as a bio major.</p>

<p>Again my cousin, vascular surgeon at mt sinai, chair at mt sinai, admissions officer at mt sinai...bio major at Queens College, medical school at mt sinai...im sure hed appreciate your comments.</p>

<p>i am in college, and i was considering pre-med in the beginning, but now, am not so sure b/c i just dont know if i am cut out for pre-med (it is one demanding path)</p>

<p>all i am saying man, is that many med schools prefer ppl that are multi-facted, with that said, a bio major is someone who completes most of the pre-med requirements apart of its major and take a few other courses. A poli sci major or a history major not only do the pre-med requirements, but take many courses to major in history for example</p>

<p>Let me clarify, i said "cop-out" compared to others doing pre-med. Did I say that bio majors were not successful, no. I said, that I think it takes more work to be a history major and a pre-med as well.</p>

<p>yea so to say that bio is just 2 more then the required pre-med isnt as easy as u made it sound is it?</p>

<p>Pre-med by itself is not to be taken lightly, even the brightest will struggle so i dont believe any major is a cop out.</p>