Undergraduate Neuroscience at Penn?

<p>If I want to major in neuroscience... do I major in "biological basis of behavior" or biology with a neuroscience concentration?</p>

<p>Several majors seem to overlap, such as: psychology, cognitive science, biological basis of behavior, and bio w/ neuroscience concentration. Are there any significant differences between these majors? Why can't Upenn just have a "neuroscience" major?</p>

<p>i think bbb would be a good fit if neuro is what you want</p>

<p>bbb seems more nuanced but the best way to decide is to just ask an academic advisor. I had the same problem between choosing a second degree in IR or polisci with concentration in IR (went with polisci for more breadth in the end). They work wonders for you since they're much more familiar with the system.</p>

<p>I would suggest you look up the requirements for each of the majors you just mentioned.</p>

<p>Going through them will probably reveal alot of the nuanced differences between them. I believe BBB has a great focus in psychology rather than Bio w/ Neuro. Psychology really isn't neuroscience per se.</p>

Sorry, I really don't mean to hijack this thread. However, it seemed like a good place to ask this question. What exactly can you do with a BBB degree if you dont go to med school? Cuz doesnt it seem like almost all the BBB people are trying to go off to some form of med/dent school?</p>


<p>Grad school and then research of some sorts I would imagine. There probably are some more unique company options, but not terribly many.</p>