Undergraduate -- Psychology Major

I want do a Psychology Major for my Undergraduate Program and I would like to compare UC Merced , SJSU and Rutgers, New Brunswick. Appreciate any information about these colleges for this particular major. TIA

Have you looked up the curriculum? Maybe the focus areas offered are different.

Frankly, they are three solid state schools - won’t matter - but two are far from the other - and they will cost different amounts.

Rutgers has 50 faculty, for example. And offers four disciplines.

Behavioral and Systems Neuro
Social Psychology

UC Merced doesn’t seem to offer that although you have a choice of electives and perhaps you can get there.

I’d check each for # of faculty, size, course offerings - not just what they have but do they actually offer them (many schools have classes in the catalog but they’re rarely offered).

That’s the kind of research I’d do to see which of the three are right.

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Generally you’ll get jobs in the local area. That is a consideration.
Amongst the three, you should pick the cheapest option.
The offerings should be similar.

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Thank you ! will look into the curriculum offered.