Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Can anyone speak to the availability of undergraduate research opportunities at OSU? D21 did not get into honors, which we knew is considered the “first pick” students to get those opportunities and the program mentors actively help facilitate. She was asked to apply to scholars so she did and was accepted right away but the one program that talks about exposure to undergraduate research was already full. So it feels like with the two major avenues to help her secure a lab spot on a research team not an option, its risky for her to accept admission at such a large school with how important research opportunities are to her major and deciding on a future path with it. Does anyone know students doing research who are not in honors (or the biological sciences scholars program) that can share details of how came to those opportunities, what year you were, and how easy/hard it is to follow that path to the same outcome? Thanks for any help!

The only way to be in both Honors and Scholars is by doing Scholars freshman year, then joining Honors. Enrolled and Transfer Students | ASC Honors Program

I wouldn’t let not being in honors affect an admission decision, since your student can join later. And being in any scholars program is great. They learn how to get involved on campus right away.

My D started in scholars, joined honors, worked in different research labs and completed an undergraduate thesis.

You don’t actually need to be in honors or scholars to do undergraduate research. There is an entire office devoted to helping students connect to research opportunities.

Attend the Denman and talk to students about their research. Some of the best opportunities my S had were from being recommended to a professor by another student. My D was willing to work anywhere. Those skills were transferable and soon she was working on exactly what she wanted.