Undocumented Immigrant Attending Community College


I have a undocumented immigrant friend who attended high school in a foreign country and wanted to attend a CC. I was wondering what documents they would need to provide in order to get accepted. Also, they don’t plan on returning to their country after they complete their 4 years of study.

Your friend is supposed to create his/her own account.

Your friend would need to get a US Visa.
To do that, the student would need to pay non-resident fees for the community college.
There are few scholarships for international students.
Your friend is not allowed to stay in the US after graduating. When interviewed by a US Immigration official, if your friend indicates he/she plans to stay in the US, the Visa will be rejected.
Immigration rules are strict. In order to stay in the US, your friend would need to be sponsored and employed by a US company which would be expensive for the company and would take time. It’s easier for a company just to hire a US citizen.
Also, US immigration and labor laws require that all US employers indicate that there are no US citizen candidates available for current jobs before considering sponsoring a non-citizen. As a non-citizen, it will be very difficult to be sponsored by a US employer.

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