Unexplained credit and retraction on statement

This is puzzling me. I have access to an account to pay my son’s bills from UC Riverside and was surprised last month to have an extra $1000 charge (an unusually round figure) but didn’t think too hard about it before paying.

Going over statements, I see a line that credits $1000 to “FOUNDATION SCHOLAR - OUTSIDE” and another that retracts it a few days later in the next billing cycle.

I don’t expect my son to have any scholarships, and the net effect is 0, but this is still very strange. Did they credit a scholarship in error, notice the error, and then just charge it back without any explanation on the bill? Has anyone here seen this before?

Note: I thought about asking UCR but I can’t find where to address the question, not to a chatbot anyway. I will also ask my son if he knows what happened.

Students can contact Student Business Services (SBS) by email for questions about their bill. A representative will answer all your questions and concerns regarding your student account.

*Be sure to provide your Student Identification Number (SID) and your full name in your email correspondent.

Students can call our office at 951-827-3204 Monday through Fridays from 10am through 4pm.

Thanks. I may ask him to check. As I said, it doesn’t really change my picture of finances. I just found it odd.

Sometimes amounts do get attributed to the wrong student & then it’s caught/reversed quickly. That may be what happened, but he should find out.

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