UNF Merit Scholarships!

Hi! I am a senior in highschool with a 4.3 GPA, strong test scores, good extracurriculars, lots of volunteer hours, the boxes checked haha. I am trying to crunch the numbers on what UNF will cost me to live on campus. I was looking at their financial aid and I was wondering if there is anyone who has gone to college there or knows the answer to my question. I have called and emailed the financial office and gotten nothing haha.
I am aware you may not receive more than one of the merit-based financial aid awards. But if I were to hypothetically receive some amount from their “Freshman Presidential Scholarships”, could I receive a merit-based scholarship in addition?
For example, if I managed to receive 4,000 a year from your freshman presidential scholarship-
Could I also receive the AT&T Florida Scholarship Endowment, bringing my financial aid to 6,500?
I know I couldn’t receive the Ann C. Hicks merit scholarship in addition to the AT&T Florida Scholarship Endowment (because they are both with the “Freshman Merit” , but I am unsure if the Freshman Presidential Scholarships (Freshman Authomatic) work the same way. I really need as much financial assistance as possible because of the on-campus living fees.

You should qualify for bright futures and a merit award should stack on top of that. A couple suggestions: 1) Try calling the Honors College and let them know your stats and that you are serious about UNF. You might get good advice. 2) Fill out the application and apply as soon as you can. They have rolling admissions and you will likely get admitted in a few weeks. You can’t apply for all the scholarships at UNF until you are admitted. They have automatic awards but they don’t list the details like some other schools. USF and FGCU also have generous merit scholarships and you will be considered for them at the time of application. If your test scores are up to snuff and the 4.3 is SUS recalculated, then you would have a shot at $3,000 - $4,000 per year at USF and Gulf Coast. Full Bright Futures is cost of tuition plus $600/year for books. Could possibly knock $10,000 - $11,000 off your total cost of attendance before applying for any other scholarships or financial aid. Good luck.