UNF or FSU for MS in computer& info system? Which to choose?

<p>I got admission in unf , Fsu and ut which are all in Florida
Since I am an international student I have absolutely no way of knowing how these colleges are or which one I should select.
I can only judge by their website and course curriculum so can anyone out there please help me . I have a computer background .
Which college has the best program
Which college would offer chances of getting a decent job?</p>

<p>Here are a few details
UNF- school of computing engineering n info science(MS IN INFO SCI)
FSU- school of library and info science(MS IN IT)
UT- Sykes college of business( MBA IN INFO SCI)</p>

<p>What's better in terms of reputation, tution fee, living, city, job prospects,expenses?
What's better MBA or MS?
I would be very grateful if anyone could help me out..hoping to hear from some Florida residents..</p>

<p>FSU is one of the best schools in the state (right under UF), while UNF and UT are safeties for most students</p>

<p>I would hope you know something about these schools, since you’ve applied to all three. </p>

<p>An MBA is very different from an MS. If you plan on going into business, consulting, etc, then choose the MBA. Otherwise go with the MS, especially if you’re career path is in IT.</p>

<p>FSU is a better ranked school, however, the MS is being offered out of the “School of library and info science”, while UNF’s program is in the engineering school. Take a look at the courses being offered under each major and determine which is a best fit for you.</p>

<p>[Master</a> of Science in Information Technology ? SLIS](<a href=“http://slis.fsu.edu/academics/graduate/msit/]Master”>http://slis.fsu.edu/academics/graduate/msit/)</p>

<p>[UNF</a> - CCEC: School of Computing - Programs of Study](<a href=“http://www.unf.edu/ccec/computing/Programs_of_Study.aspx]UNF”>http://www.unf.edu/ccec/computing/Programs_of_Study.aspx)</p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>