UNF Stats and Chances Summer 2013/Fall 2013

<p>Waiting on decision - 3.0 1620 SAT</p>

<p>If you are on social media, you can tweet (@unfadmissions) or Facebook message (UNFAdmissions) us your name and we will reply with an application status update! Otherwise, you should email or call our office. <a href=“mailto:admissions@unf.edu”>admissions@unf.edu</a> or (904)620-5555</p>

<p>Having a difficult time making a decision between UNF, USF, or FAU. I love the UNF campus #1 by far, but don’t know what the “college experience” is like without a football team. Were is the best place to hear from current and past students about the college life?</p>

<p>Does anyone know if the new housing complex will be available for incoming freshman starting in Summer term? I heard they might be doing some work on the new housing and incoming freshman would be in the regular freshman housing.</p>

<p>You have heard correctly. All Freshman will be living in the Osprey Cove for the Summer. HOWEVER, we are also schedule to open our new Osprey Clubhouse this Summer that will be located next to Osprey Cove! The clubhouse will have a swimming pool, conference rooms, a convenience store, a wide deck for hosting events and a large gaming room. So, although the Cove may not be as appealing as the Osprey Fountains, Summer freshmen will be the first to use and enjoy our new Clubhouse!</p>

<p>The best way to see what UNF student life is like is to follow or like student-run clubs’ social media sites! These will give you a first-hand view of what it’s like being an Osprey but from many different perspectives. You can find a list of clubs and their social media site at [UNF</a> - Club Alliance - Clubs](<a href=“http://www.unf.edu/cluballiance/Clubs.aspx]UNF”>http://www.unf.edu/cluballiance/Clubs.aspx). You may also be able to find other students to follow or like once you are on the clubs social media site. We also suggest that you take a look at our student-run newspaper online, The Spinnaker. Their website is [UNF</a> Spinnaker | News, Opinions, Entertainment](<a href=“http://unfspinnaker.com/]UNF”>http://unfspinnaker.com/).</p>

<p>Join the official UNF class of 2018 facebook group and ask us any questions you have!
<a href="https://m./groups/240225482793393?__user=1223707087%5B/url%5D">https://m./groups/240225482793393?__user=1223707087</a></p>

<p>Please be aware that this “Official UNF class of 2018” Facebook group is not being run by the UNF Office of Admissions or any other official UNF office that we are aware of. We cannot be responsible for any information provided on that page.</p>

<p>When will orientation dates be available for students starting Summer B? What days are the orientation usually on Thrs, Fri ?</p>

<p>Accepted into Summer Term B!
Weighted: 3.65
Unweighted: 3.47
Top 20% in Graduating Class
I was deferred from Fall semester but I am glad I got in summer! Still awaiting USFSP and UCF. Accepted already to Florida Southern</p>