unfortunately i'm sick.

<p>hello to everyone,
I just had a few questions and would love any sort of feedback. </p>

<p>Unfortunately I got diagnosed with a severe disease called Vasculitis that kept me out of junior year for 5 months and when I did return I only attended school for 3 hours. My disease took a lot away from me: more time to prepare for the SATs, the soccer captain position, etc.
Since I was too sick to take any SATs during junior year, I had to take them senior year. I received a 2070, however I know could've done better. I take 4 APs. I have an UW 3.45 and a W 4.9 GPA. I am due to retake my subjects (math 2 and chem) on jan 14. I have played soccer and participated in Robotics for 4 years. I have done 150 hours of community service and have received a few honors and awards. </p>

<p>Q1. Will colleges take my disease into consideration? It really did take a lot of potential away from me. My reach colleges are JHU, Cornell, and NYU (CAS) and I am not sure I will be accepted with my current scores. </p>

<p>Q2. I really want to retake my regular subjects on Jan 28. I emailed all of the colleges and some of them replied saying that they usually do receive the scores if they are rushed..however I don't know if they really will..Should I take them?</p>

<p>Q3. I am looking to be a mathematics major and that is why I am applying to NYU CAS, as the Courant Institute of Mathematics is a very prestigious mathematics program. However I have been researching a lot and I have read multiple times that "CAS is easy to get into" and that "CAS is not worth it"..I was wondering if anyone could give me legitimate feedback. </p>

<p>Thank you very much =)</p>

<p>Q1: Yes. JHU and Cornell are still reaches, but NYU is a match
Q2: Yes. Rush report and explain the situation. They will understand as long as you explain.
Q3: NYU CAS is not extremely easy to get into but I think you have a shot. CAS is not as prestigious as Stern, but it is worth it.</p>

<p>I hope this relieves the stress!</p>