UNH eliminating SAT/ACT requirement for applicants

"The University of New Hampshire’s flagship campus is joining more than 1,000 colleges nationwide that no longer require prospective students to submit standardized test scores when they apply.

Admissions officials believe high school GPAs and the other information included in college applications are better indicators of a student’s likely first-year success than SAT or ACT scores. They also hope that eliminating the standardized test requirement will increase the size and diversity of the school’s applicant pool.

Just under 20,000 people applied to become students at UNH for this upcoming academic year. A target class size of incoming freshmen is 3,000." …


I wonder if their very low average SAT scores (among the lowest of any flagship state school) factored into this decision. Moving forward, kids with low scores will not submit them, which should raise the average people see when they look it up.

It’s our state school and daughter may well end up there, but the low average scores are concerning.