Uniform on leave for plebes

<p>When off on say, christmas leave, do you have to wear your uniform during your plebe year. Like would I have to wear it at home during the two week break or whatever?</p>

<p>USAFA does not have a "plebe" year. After BCT (during which they are referred to as "basics") the cadets are called Fourth Class Cadets or Doolies.</p>

<p>Until the Doolies are "Recognized" in the Spring they must wear their uniforms while traveling home and when they return to USAFA. </p>

<p>United</a> States Air Force Academy - FAQ Topic
Are cadets permitted to wear civilian clothes away from the Academy?
Fourth-Class cadets may wear civilian clothes during leave periods, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas and when authorized by the Commandant of Cadets. This authorization usually occurs during the spring semester. Cadets who are representing the Academy for special programs, such as speaking appearances in their hometowns, must wear their uniforms.</p>

<p>Thanks! SS was awesome, I'll keep going on those applications!</p>