Unintentional misleading score question?


<p>I have applied REA for Stanford just recently and have sent my SAT I and SAT II scores to Stanford. I have honestly sent ALL of them to Stanford. However, when I finished the payment process of sending SAT scores, the final page said "SOME of your SAT scores have been sent..." Why did this happen? (I did not send scores that were canceled. Do I have to send canceled scores too?) Any advice would be greatly appreciated! ^^</p>

<p>If you didnt send your cancelled scores, then that is why it is saying "Some were sent." If they were cancelled, then the scores don't matter, so you don't have to send them.</p>

<p>Therefore, you sent in what you needed to send in, and that is all that matters.</p>


<p>Thank you so much! You alleviated so much of my tension!!! :DDDDDD</p>

<p>Hold on, will Stanford see my scores as a Score Choice method even though I sent all my scores?</p>