Union/AMC 2012

<p>Hey guys, i was just wondering what everyone's status is right now in terms of AMC applications and AMC interviews
anyone have one yet?</p>

<p>Did fill out their supplemental app, no response for an interview yet.</p>

<p>Yea same. I filled the app and am waiting :-/
Don't like waiting :(</p>

<p>Hey, Just received interview notification for Union & RPI programs with AMC via email.</p>

<p>Yea when I had my rpi interview, there were some union kids there (Jan 26ish)</p>

<p>Don't get worried yet, when I was there they said that they're doing interviews until late March so there's a lot of time for them to respond.</p>

<p>@ breaker746/dblazer</p>

<p>About how many students were interviewing with you for that same program. How was it? Anything to watch out for?</p>

<p>There were i believe 8 of us on the same day, the vast majority of whom were applying to the RPI/Albany one so i'm guessing that's the most competitive. But they said they were interviewing 200 kids for all the programs combined i think so the Union/Albany pool should be much smaller. There was a group session and then the med interviews. They make you do an activity and answer some questions for the group session and it was kind of fun. The med interview is fairly standard so just prepare for the usual why medicine, and be ready to talk about your experiences, etc. oh and ethical questions show up so be prepared to take a stance on physician assisted suicide, stem cell research etc. Also be prepared for talking about an issue facing the health care system.</p>