Union College vs CCNY vs Hunter College vs U of Pittsburgh

Unfortunately not, because they required the SAT / ACT, but since the centers in Italy were closed, I couldn’t take the test. If I’m not wrong I can apply to Honors College as a current student.

See if you can take Honors Classes even if you’re not yet in the Honors college. I think Pitt allows that? Not sure, but check. Those classes will be more in-depth and smaller, so it’ll be easier to shine and it’ll prepare you better for the rest of your studies.
What would your major be at each of these universities?
(What type of studies did you do in Italy, liceo scientifico?)

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Union offers a Leadership in Medicine program that provides a direct admit into the Albany Medical College. Highly competitive to get into. But Union absolutely does have a connection to Med. School.


Unfortunately Albany Medical College doesn’t accept International students.

The program is not open to internationals and would have needed an application November 2020.

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I will definitely check. Thank you!
Pitt: Molecular Biology;
Union: you get into all the programs, but I plan on majoring in biology or Psychology;
Hunter: Human Biology;
CCNY: Biology;
Penn State: Biology;

In Italy, I attended a scientific high school-applied science option (Liceo scientifico opzione scienze applicate). The best one actually! Compared to the traditional curriculum, we have more hours of natural science (chemistry, biology) and more advanced mathematics classes.

UPDATE: On Pitt Honors website it is stated, “All Pitt undergraduates are welcome in most of our courses, fellowships, and programs, and there are multiple degree options to enhance your academic experience in any major.”

Excellent. Pitt wins, then.
Try to take some of your classes “Honors”.
Will your Maturità give you credit for intro classes? It should, so inquire.
You want a mix of Honors and “regular” classes. Don’t overload, especially your first semester. Pace yourself.
Also, try to switch majors. My advice would be to switch to Computational Biology or Biological Math (both within Dietrich, so they should not be a problem). Since you completed Applied Scientific liceo, you should be ideally suited for these paths (=excel), which would also allow you 1° to get paid internships and 2° since you’ll likely need a glide year, to get either a research assistantship or OPT position.

See if you can register for the Resarch&Scholarship Honors Seminars: select Health&Data (directly applicable to your goals), Community-Engaged Scholarship (you should end with a proposal for a community-based scholarship), or “Hands on with marginal groups in Pittsburgh” (groups you need to show -clinical- interaction with). Hopefully you’ll be placed into one of those.

There’s Honors Bio and Honors Chem, if your Maturità doesn’t cover these credits. You should also have covered Calc1&2 (single variable calculus: derivation, integration, series) at liceo, and should be able to get credit for it. Study before the placement test in case they require it (and especially for ALEKS, which tests things you’d have learned a long time ago and which you MUST “pass”).
Pitt 0130 (Wellness and Resilience) and Stats 1050 : Data for the greater good (applied stats) would also be interesting for you. Look at the “service learning courses”.


Hi, I recently got accepted into the University of Toronto Scarborough, but I am still waiting for the downtown campus. Also, I am still waiting for Queen’s, McGill, Western, and York. If I will be rejected from UofT SG, does UofT Scarborough worth it?

Are you hoping to be admitted to a Canadian medical school?

Canadian medical schools simply do not consider international students for admission to any medical program.

Actually, they do, McMaster, Queen’s, McGill, UofT but I hope to get the PR first. I plan to take my bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree first, then enroll in a medical school. Within this time frame, I think I should be able to get the PR. Also, I would still apply for US medical schools. I know that their first concern is about money, but my family has all the resources.

In the last application cycle, 1,890 foreign applicants applied to M.D. programs in the United States, and 325 of those applicants were accepted. It’s not a lot, but it’s not impossible.

I don’t know where you got those numbers, but they’re not correct.

Per AMCAS (the central processor for US MD applications) 1264 international applied to US medical schools in 2020 and 131 matriculated

Of those 131, approx 85% were Canadian citizens. So only about 35-37 of those accepted were true internationals.

Please be aware that as an international applicant you must be able to prove that you can pay for 100% of your US medical education. US medical schools will require you to place at least 2 years–and often as much as 4 years–of tuition, fees and sometimes living expenses into a US escrow account before you will allowed to enroll, The amount required for escrow typically runs between $150,000 and $500,000. (varies by school)

Canadian citizens have 2 advantages in US med school admissions:

  1. more US med schools will consider Canadians for admission.
  2. the Canadian government offers a special loan program for its citizens who attend med school in the US.

Internationals are not eligible for MD/PhD programs because those programs are funded by the NIH (through the MSTP program) which requires that all aid recipients be US citizens. While there are few MD/PhD programs (WashU, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth) that have privately funded slots, those are extremely programs competitive, only accepting 0-2 students per year.

I checked again, and those numbers are referred to the 2019 application cycle. Yes, I am well aware that I must be able to prove that I can pay for all four years. As I said, I can do that.

Are you sure about the MD/Ph.D. program? Everywhere on the Internet, they actually suggest to international students that they should apply to that program, even in this feed.

So where do you think I have more chances (even if they are still low)? Study at the University of Pittsburgh (bachelor + master) and then medical school or study at UofT (bachelor + master) get in the meantime the PR and then medical school.

UOfT Scarborough is not worth it.
Choosing a canadian university is your bzdt bet, so sit tight till you he1r from them.

Why is not worth it? After one year, if I want I can easily transfer to the downtown campus.

Heavily commuter (a pb for an international), not the same level as St George, and transfer is nor guaranteed so you may be stuck there.

But, it is the only campus with the Co-op program, and I could have 4 or 8 months of paid full-time work or research experience during my degree.

If you want the co-op then that’s another matter. And based on your plans, co-op-> job->PR may be the safest path.

Have you tried the BS/MD track at CCNY Sophie Davis School of Medicine? Getting selected is extremely competitive with the acceptance rate around 4% but it’s not impossible. Considering all your options, this one is by far the best both in terms of academic rigor and finances.

P.S. I’m an international student as well so we’re on the same boat.

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