Union College vs Marist College vs Fairfield University

HI, Trying to help our son decide between these 3 schools and am biased since I attended one of them. Looking for opinions as to what each has to offer that might make it a better (or worse) choice. Psych major.

I am familiar with al three schools as many of my kids’ classmates over the years have attended them and many more applied to them.

Marist and Fairfield are similar in many ways. I know a lot of kids who went to these two schools. A lot of them had the choice between the two of them as they appeared on a lot of the same lists. I personally prefer Fairfield which made two of my kids’ lists and were high up there as schools that they nearly chose. A bit tight on the merit money as compared to some other choices that I thought were comparable. IMO, the higher stat kids seemed to consider Fairfild more than Marist as far as on their lists and as preferences, but the merit money might be better at Marist. I like the location of Fairfield better.

Union is a highly rated LAC and a fine school. None of mine applied there, but I would have been happy had any of them chosen it. A lot of very well prepared, high stat kids I know ended up at Union.

My son is a freshman at Fairfield. He loves it. It is really in a nice town and just a train ride away from NYC. The Alumni Network and Career Center are very strong so 99% of graduates are employed or in graduate school. They have a Job Shadow a program where over the winter break students can spend a week with an Alumni at some really top notch companies like Google, Web Md, Hospitals etc. There are career fairs in the Fall and the Spring. Class size is small and professors are very accessible. Please let me know if you have any questions.