Union College

<p>Hi I'm interested in major/ minoring in both computer science and chemistry. I'd really like to know more about some of the specifics of these departments, like research opportunities and how Union computer science guys can get involved in less mainstream areas cryptology and EMR technology (I couldn't find anything like that in the course catalog). Who can I contact in these departments to learn more? Also, can I realistically double major in unrelated fields? Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>Hi Stuart,
Thanks for your interest in Union! The best people to contact in these departments would be: </p>

<p>Valerie Barr - Chair of Computer Science <a href="mailto:barrv@union.edu">barrv@union.edu</a>
Michael Hagerman Chair of Chemistry <a href="mailto:hagermam@union.edu">hagermam@union.edu</a></p>

<p>It is possible for students to double major in unrelated fields but would definitely require some planning as soon as you arrive your first-year. For the class of 2011 we had students do the following double majors with chemistry: Chem/German and Chem/Classics.</p>